Kally's K-9 Academy 

Basic Obedience Program 

In this program, you will have the opportunity to teach your dog 7 very important commands that can save your dog's life. The seven commands your dog will learn are:

Sit:  Your dog will assume position after your command.

Stay: This keeps your dog in its current position until released.

Down: Your dog will lay on the ground with its paws on the floor.

Come: Also known as the "recall" or "here" command.

Heel: This brings your dog to walk next to the handler's leg (your choice of which side).

No: A reprimand command. 

Off: Off furniture, off people, all four paws on the ground.

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Dog Boarding 

Don't know where to leave your dog or puppy while your gone? Bring your loved one to Kally's K-9 Academy in Nassau where your dog will receive compassionate care, love, and freedom to play. They will be able to run and play in an 80x100ft fenced in yard. When not outside, they will be in a climate controlled environment. Your pet will receive the same loving care as my very own. 

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Boarding & Training  

Do you have a busy work schedule or planning on going on vacation? If so, you can send your dog to our Nassau county boarding & training program. While your puppy/dog is in this program, they will receive professional dog training. We will work together to create a specialized program to meet the needs for you and your dog. 

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